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A Guide To Shapewear

Women in different types of shapewear

There are SO many options out there to control, conform, and smooth your shape. Which do you need for your next occasion? We here at Emporium Pop offer a lot of options and I’m going to help you solve this mystery right now!

But First! A Tip:

Always - and I really do mean always - buy your normal size. NEVER size down to try to achieve a tighter or more slimming fit. Shapewear by definition makes you more shapely. Your proper size will help you get there. Please look at all size charts!

The Most Coverage - Full Body Shapers

Covering the rib cage through the thighs, this shaper creates a long, smooth line while slimming the waist, thighs, and backside. I like wearing this one under form-fitting dresses and other types of clothing that cling to every lump, bump, or bulge. The high waist minimizes the chance of the shaper rolling down as you move, making it excellent for events where you are movin’ and groovin’! We also have a slightly different design for larger sizes!

Torso Shapewear

This is the simplest design. Pull it on like you would a shirt then BAM! Instant shape control in the stomach and back areas. This one also has the benefit of bust lift and support! The band at the bottom hugs your hips so it doesn’t ride up and makes it perfect for layering. Soft, comfortable, with light support - this shapewear is perfect for clingy, everyday shirts when you just want a slightly sleeker silhouette.

Butt Shapers

To Accentuate Your Buttocks

Lifting, accentuating and smoothing, these shapers will smooth your hip region while pushing and lifting each butt cheek up and away, making them more prominent and larger. Why would one ever want to do this you might ask? These are awesome in jeans! In other shapewear, you may get a saggy look due to extra fabric. While this smooths your hips, your butt area will be poppin’.

To Slim and Lift

Some people are perfectly fine with the amount of butt they have. Maybe instead of lifting, they want to reel it in a bit. This shaper pulls the butt in AND slims the waistline like the previous 2 shapewear types. In my opinion, this is the best alternative to the full-body shapewear. It does not cover the thighs, and as much of the back and stomach, but it still provides its wearer with a sleek, streamlined waist.

Sweat Shapers

Tight, thick, and only for your stomach - this shaper could still be worn under most of your garments, but also gives you other benefits. No matter what you are doing, the constriction and material will cause you to sweat throughout the day. The lower spine support helps your posture throughout the day while you work off some calories.


No matter what, there is an option for you! Shape, smooth, and boost what you want to feel your best. At the end of the day, it’s about you and what makes you feel the best.

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