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Ditch The Tea Bag - Loose Leaf Is Better

I've been an avid tea drinker for years (ok, maybe a year. Anyways, let's move on), but I've always used regular tea bags from my local grocery store until my last birthday, where my mom gifted me this awesome loose leaf tea from my local tea store. Well, we just so happened to have a diffuser in the office, so I thought I'd give it a try. Man, I'm not disappointed.

Just FYI, I used this diffuser that we have in stock currently! Worked wonders (and I may have taken it home with me at the end of the day...permanently. But shh, that's a secret).

After drinking my wonderful cup of tea, I started looking online to see if I was the only person in on this fad. Well, of course I wasn't. I learned a lot though! Here are a few benefits of Loose Leaf Tea that I learned over my internet travels

1. Loose Leaf Tea Are Still Leafy And That Matters

Obviously, loose leaves are leaves, but the leaves in traditional tea bags are often broken up and pulverized, which affects the brew quite a lot. Broken leaves lose a lot of their essential oils and aroma, which often results in a more bitter tea. And, obviously, essential oils are awesome health-wise. Losing out on them for such a silly reason is a real bummer.

2. The Ability For Water To Flow Is Important

Again, another no-brainer. Yet, I never considered just how little water traditional tea bags let through. The dust-like tea can get stuck in the bag's pores, again keeping it from being able to obtain its full aroma and flavor potential. What a waste!

3. Infusers Offer Increased Customizability

Not in the mood for a particularly strong brew of English Breakfast? Don't add as much tea. Simple as that! Feel like being a bit creative and can't help but wonder how passionfruit and chai teas would taste brewed together? Mix it up! Though you might want to avoid mixing those 2 particular flavors together. Nasty. Yes, that is from experience.

4. Less Waste!

I am super into consumer responsibility. Adding literally hundreds of tea bags into the local dump kind of bummed me out. I don't care that the bags themselves are biodegradable - which most are. Tea leaves on their own most certainly are compostable! My previously-neglected compost bin is a happy camper right now. And, no, in case you were wondering, the caffeine from the tea has not reflected in more acidic soil for me, have no fear!


I think I could go on forever and a day, but I'm going to stop as this is my very first blog post here at Emporium Pop! Woo!

If you'd like to see more, hit us up on Twitter. I'd love to share some more tales and knowledge from the EP Office. Bye!

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