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Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector

Radar Detector

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Our most popular radar detector is now back in stock. (Over 11,000 Sold this month)
8% of profits will be donated to providing families in Africa shelter and clean water. www.charitywater.org

Looking for the perfect way to avoid getting a hefty ticket. Check out our top selling radar detector

  • This Speeding tickets not only carry a hefty fine, but can add points to your license and increase your insurance premiums. This Radar Detector helps you steer clear of radar and laser guns.
  • Speed without inhibition, with the radar detector installed in your car. This radar detector alerts you when a radar gun is checking your speed. Detecting signals across
  • wavelength bands X, K, Ku and Ka, this radar detector ensures you continue driving unhindered. When driving in close proximity of emergency vehicles, this speed detector alerts you so that you can control your car’s speed. This radar detector features a laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection. This radar detector is easy to install.
  • Support (Optional)English and Russian Voice Warning User instructions( Optional) Russian & English User Manual( without windshield mount)
  • When you detect a position, the GPS will tell you by make a sound to show you are approaching speed detection device, so you can confirms the your speed on the stretch of road.

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